The smartest cloud phone system & power dialer.

smrtPhone is an all-in-one phone system that allows REI businesses to make more calls, send more texts, and close more deals. The cloud-based phone, multi-line power dialer, full featured mobile app, customizable call flows, and robust suite of user management tools flex and grow with you. Focused on delivering deep integration with your REI CRM, smrtPhone powers greater automation, reduces time spent on clerical tasks, and gives valuable insight enabling you to do business better.

smrtPhone currently connects with the following REI CRMs: Podio (and all Podio-based REI systems), SalesForce (Left Main REI) and InvestorFuse. More connections happen all the time so please check outĀ


smrtPhone Standard: $50/month
smrtPhone PRO: $100/month

smrtDialer Single Line: $50/seat/month
smrtDialer Multi Line: $90/seat/month

* Annual plans available
** Usage charges apply


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