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About Jordan Samuel Fleming

Jordan started out life as a degenerate musician and, for his sins, ended up as a respectable businessman. He’s still slightly confused but a far happier man. Jordan has a strong creative flair and an uncanny ability to spot new opportunities – which makes him a good candidate to invite out for lunch. It’s also what has fueled his success as an entrepreneur.

Jordan has founded and led several successful companies focused on improving processes and profitability for real estate investors. He currently serves as co-Founder and CEO of smrtPhone, the smartest cloud phone system and power dialer on the market, used daily by thousands of Real Estate and Sales professionals.

Jordan is the host of two technology podcasts: “Supercharged! with Jordan Samuel Fleming” focused on Citrix Podio, and “That Real Estate Tech Guy” aimed at helping real estate investors scale by optimizing their tech stack.

Episode Summary

Welcome to That Real Estate Tech Guy with host Jordan Samuel Fleming.

“I can tell you one thing: technology is the single most important aspect of every business that has successfully scaled.” – JSF

Real Estate Technology is Jordan’s passion, and it’s his belief that it’s simply not explored as deeply as it should be by the majority of REI professionals. After building technology in the real estate sector for over a decade, he felt it was time to share what he’s learned and create discussion around REI technology.

The guests will range from real estate entrepreneurs, REI experts, Business Coaches, CRM Owners, Start-up Founders and more. Jordan’s many years in the business makes for a deep network and an REI Star-studded lineup! Whether you’re looking to start a business, dip your toes into REI for the first time, or scale an already-succeeding venture – this podcast is for you.

In this 5 minute intro, learn about the podcast – why Jordan decided to launch it, what his goal is for listeners, and who he looks for when booking guests.

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Jordan Fleming: 

I can tell you one thing. Technology is the single most important aspect of every business that has successfully scaled.


It’s time for That Real Estate Tech Guy. It’s your weekly chance to explore how technology can help your real estate business explode. Each week, you’ll hear from real estate investors who have been there and done that and find out their favourite technology tips. Listen in as Jordan speaks with tech companies and learns about new technologies and new ideas that will help you scale your business. And now join your host Jordan Samuel Fleming, CEO of smrtPhone for this week’s episode.

Jordan Fleming: 

Hey, everybody, and welcome to the That Real Estate Tech Guy Podcast. I’m the host of the podcast, Jordan Fleming, and also the CEO of smrtPhone. So why this podcast and why this subject matter? Well, simply put, it’s something A) I’m passionate about, and B) I feel isn’t talked enough about in the real estate investment community. It’s something that’s almost treated as a side bit by a lot of people… they use it, they know they need it, but they don’t really understand how powerful it can be. Of course, there’s exceptions, but I feel across the industry, we need more discussions around the different types of technologies. And that’s really the impetus behind this podcast. I have myself personally been building technology for real estate companies for almost a decade now (probably a bit over that), and I have seen how impactful it can be. I’ve seen how important it is. But I’ve also watched people fail, I’ve watched people not be able to take up the technology properly. I’ve watched people try bits of technology and not getting to work. And I think we need more discussion around it, we need more opportunity for people to learn and see, and to be able to investigate different elements of technology across the real estate investment sector. And I think it’s gonna be a really fun time. So there are basically two types of guests that I’m going to have on the podcast. The first is the investors themselves, I’m going to be speaking to real estate investors of all shapes and sizes. But all of them have been successful and growing and scaling their real estate businesses. And they’re going to share not just their success stories, but also their failures around technology, they’re going to talk about their journey into understanding the different parts of technology they use in their business where they have used, they’re going to talk about how they found it, how they got involved with it, how they’ve found implementing into their teams. You’re gonna get to hear from real investors, just like you, and learn from their stories. Now, the second type of guests that we’re going to have on the podcast, are the technology companies themselves. Now, of course, I’m the CEO of smrtPhone and you know, smrtPhone is my baby, it’s my love. And you know it’s a phone system and power dialer used by 1000s of real estate investors across the country. But we’re going to be talking to all manner of technology companies. We’re going to be talking, bringing them in having them discuss their products, getting an opportunity to, you know, learn a bit about how people use it, learn about their journey, learn about some key functions people may not know about. I’ll probably be getting, you know, different technology providers together on group podcasts where you know, maybe we can get three or four CRM providers together and do a group podcast, we can discuss the different parts around real estate investment CRMs as a group, and that gives you guys a fantastic insight. And of course, as we develop the relationships with these technology providers, we’re going to be bringing all those resources together in the that real estate tech guy.com website so that you have kind of a one stop shop of places, you can see all the different bits of technology, accessing discounts, if they’re providing any for our listeners, and really use it as a resource to scale up your business. So I’m super excited about doing this. I’m excited about meeting all the different investors and the different technology partners, learning about their products. I’m gonna learn something every podcast and I hope you do too. And of course, you can do me one great favour, which is go to YouTube and your podcast channels. Hit that Like/Subscribe button… give the review on the podcast, it really does help lift it up the ratings so that we can get it to more real estate investors and they can benefit from it. It’s a new podcast right now..that means it needs your help. And of course, if you are an investor or technology provider, and you want to come on the show, just head to the website, you’ll see in the top right hand corner that there is have a button to book onto the show, and my team will get in touch with you. Thanks for listening, and I’ll see you on the podcast.


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