About Jordan Samuel Fleming

Jordan started out life as a degenerate musician and, for his sins, ended up as a respectable businessman. He’s still slightly confused but a far happier man. Jordan has a strong creative flair and an uncanny ability to spot new opportunities – which makes him a good candidate to invite out for lunch. It’s also what has fueled his success as an entrepreneur.

Jordan has founded and led several successful companies focused on improving processes and profitability for his customers. He currently serves as co-Founder and CEO of smrtPhone, the smartest cloud phone system and power dialer on the market, used daily by thousands of Real Estate and Sales professionals.

Jordan is the host of two technology podcasts: “Supercharged! with Jordan Samuel Fleming” focused on Citrix Podio, and “That Real Estate Tech Guy” aimed at helping real estate investors scale by optimizing their tech stack.

“I can tell you one thing. Technology is the single most important aspect of every business that has successfully scaled.”

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